Margret Spinak:…I’ve always needed a weekly blowdry – since using barberia wax on the ends of my straightened hair my blowdry can last twice as long.

Carrie – anne wood: …I’ve tried “millions” of wax’s over the years and now barberia is the only one I’ll use…it keeps my hair so much smoother.

Paul mac:….barberia wax rocks….it’s the only product I use

Matthew:….i’ve got crazy frizzy hair …barberia wax is the only product that smooths it and keeps it under control…I can’t do without it.

Cheryl's Testimony: I’ve been using Barberia Wax since its beginning just about everyday and couldn’t imagine my hair without it. Whether smoothing out my blowdried hair to make it last SOOOOO much longer or using it when it’s curly to take out frizz IT'S LIKE NOTHING ELSE I’VE EVER USED!! its all I need.

Katrina Clarke: This is the only product I use in my hair...if you want to experience hair envy like I do give it a go...hearing OMG I love your hair is nice : -) matter how many times really

Hayley Jane :BEST WAX EVER!!!!!!!

Brendan Federowitsch Barberia Wax is by far the best wax I have ever used! Buy it.

Davin's Testimony: I met my wife ten years ago while using Barberia Wax. Everyone knowns I'm punching well above my weight. Thanks Barberia Wax .